Airnets International appreciates and rewards your loyalty.

And Now we are adding the Best Rewards Program.

Submit your booking through the Airnets Rewards Portal within 48 hours after applying payment to a booking and receive your gift card by the following Monday of each week . You will receive your e-card in your email box.

If you have any questions please email

Agents have said about Airnets

Best Customer service

Best Price

Best Technology

The SIMPLE Rules:

  • Book any Netfare/Commission Fare ticket and receive a $5.00 per person credit toward a e-gift card of your choice.
  • Publish fares do  not qualify as we issue Publish fares already for FREE to our valued Sub Agents.
  • Book a Group and receive a $30.00 credit toward e-gift card of your choice.
  • Agents full name must be on file or in the name field at the completion of the booking page.
  • Submit your bookings within 48 hours after applying payment through the Airnets portal. No Exceptions.

The GREAT Rewards

$5.00 Dollar Denomination

$10.00 Dollar Denomination

$10.00 Dollar Denomination Cards

* Each Travel Agent is responsible to report their own earned income from all sources to the required government bodies. Airnets  will assume no responsibility for personal assessments with regards to the agent’s participation in the Airnets reward program.

Exclusions Rewards are not applied to Infant tickets, exchanges or refunds. An agent must be with accredited and good standing agency/consortium with Airnets in order to participate in the program. Rewards are non transferable between agencies or agents. If agent notices a discrepancy the agent will need to notify Airnets by email within 15 days. All e cards will occur by the following Tuesday of each week. Airnets has the right to add, modify or terminate the agent/program without prior notice. The agent agrees to general terms and conditions of Airnets policy in making a reservation.  Any inquiries can be directed by email to All e gift cards that have been loaded and emailed to the agent are the responsibility. Each Agent is responsible to report their own earned income from all sources to the required government bodies.  If a file is cancelled it is the responsibility of the agent to return the amount outstanding of the e gift card back to Airnets prior to any refund or cancellation of the file.