When a booking is queued for ticketing, Airnets will have full control of the PNR until it is ticketed and queued back to your agency. When you re-claim ownership, Airnets no longer has access to your PNR. The responsibility is yours to monitor queues for schedule changes and inform your customers. The Airnets pseudo city code is 28Q9.

Apollo Procedures:

  • Build the PNR in Apollo as you normally would and include fare and ticketing fields for the net fare (see example below)
  • If you do not know the correct class of service, book in Y class and add a remark to request the lowest fare; Airnets will get back to you
  • Refer to the Commission Grid to determine the commission you will earn
  • Markups on published fares will be treated as a service fee and are subject to credit card charges
  • Queue the PNR for ticketing to QEP/28Q9/75
  • If the file requires urgent ticketing please email info@airnetsinternational.com or call the office.
  • Please monitor your file to make sure electronic ticket has been issued, which can be viewed at www.viewtrip.com
  • Airnets will return your file to Q99 and you must reclaim responsibility for the file (Steps 6 and 7 above)
  • For more detailed instructions see the Airnets Things You Need to Know guide


Step Example Description
P: YYCR/403 555 2222
D – MARLIN TRAVEL[]1212 MAIN ST[]TORONTO ON[]416 555 0000
F – AX0000000000028/D0320
[]: 5AN/TOTAL NET FOR FILE IS $3028.71
[]: 5AN/TOTAL TO CHARGE IS 3128.71
Build the PNR as you normally would and include:

  • agency e-mail (P:YYZE/)
  • agency delivery address (D-)
  • form of payment (F-)
  • remarks for ticketing with secondary qualifier AN ([]:5AN/)
2 R:MARY+ER Receive, End and Retrieve the PNR
3 IR Ignore and Retrieve the PNR to add the airline locator
4 QEP/28Q9/75 Queue the PNR to Airnets PCC queue 75 for ticketing
5 Q/99 When ticketed, access the PNR in your agency Queue 99
6 R:MARY+ER Receive and end the PNR to re-claim ownership of your PNR